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Microchip Identification

By November 21, 2013 April 18th, 2019 PETCARE Blog

Many pets are lost or stolen at some point in their lives. Even pets that ‘always stay in their yards’ or in the house are likely to end up at a shelter or a veterinary hospital at some point due to accident or illness.

A collar with an identification tag is extremely important – it remains the best means of identification. The ID tag will help anyone finding your pet return them to you.

However, collars and tags are frequently dislodged or removed at some point, and the pets can be found with no identification at all. This is when a microchip identification can be life-saving!

Microchips are placed underneath the skin between the shoulder-blades with a large needle. To read the microchip a veterinary hospital or animal shelter employee will use an electronic scanner. The scanner will pick up the ID number contained in the chip. This number is then used to contact the manufacturer of the chip who determines which Animal Hospital placed the chip in the pet. The ID number is registered from the manufacturer to the Animal Hospital that placed the chip in the pet, not to the client (see below) !

Current microchips do not contain personalized information such as phone numbers, addresses, or a GPS tracking device.

The microchip contains no power source that can wear out and does not typically cause any type of adverse reaction in a pet. Occasionally a microchip will migrate to a different spot under the pet’s skin. Rarely, a chip will malfunction at a later date (<1% of the chips we have seen).

Since the microchip itself contains only an identification number that is used to find the pet in our database, it is VITAL that you always keep us updated with your current address and phone number.


The microchip that we currently use is manufactured by DataMars. The chip is registered to PETCARE ANIMAL HOSPITAL and we keep the information in our database to link that chip number to you and your pet’s information.

It is also possible to register your pet’s ID number directly with MicroFindr’s database at www.PetLink.NET – there is NO sign-up fee or yearly fee to use this registration database!

Please register your pet!

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